Changes to u11 & u13 coaching programme

Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you of some important changes to the children’s winter training program at Kettering Town Harriers which will take effect in October 2013.

Tuesday evening sessions will be unchanged; that is to say they will still run throughout the winter, weather and track safety permitting, from 6 - 7pm for under 11s and from 7 – 830pm for under 13s. In periods of adverse weather, please check the web-site for announcements before attending a session as Amanda and I will not run outdoor sessions if the track is icy or snow covered and judged to be unsafe.

This year however, commencing October 10, Thursday evening sessions for U11 and U13 athletes will be changing completely. They will start for under 11 and under 13 athletes at 6pm and will be held indoors at the main hall within Kettering Leisure Village.

Amanda and I will run the sessions, which will involve us joining the Under 11 and Under 13 squads together for an hour long intensive session concentrating on development of your child’s core strength and motor skills i.e.

• Balance
• Reaction time
• Coordination
• Spatial awareness
• Speed
• Agility

We will be closely following a model of Sport-hall activities which you will find at

The hour will look something like this

• Dynamic warm up
• Circuit class involving light free weights, balance ball, skipping rope, reaction ball, medicine ball and step up platform.
• An introduction to a variety of callisthenic exercises such as press-up and sit-up where simple body weight is the apparatus used for toning muscles and developing strength.
• Work station disciplines such as shuttle run, standing long jump, standing high jump, side leaps and throwing
• The hour will end with an exiting team sprint relay and final stretch and cool down.

The programme might at a glance look intense but please be assured that it will be pitched at a level where your son or daughter will get a well balanced age and sport specific work-out which they will enjoy. In addition to this, where activities can be measured we will keep week on week records which will be available to both you and your child so that you have a tangible record of their on-going performance and development.

Because there has been an additional outlay by the Club to provide this indoor training, a small fee will be charged of £2.00 per session. All of the money raised will be put straight back into the club.

And because we have only an hour for this session I would ask please that where possible you deliver your children to us at about 5.55pm for a prompt start so that they get maximum fulfilment from the session and so that the class isn’t delayed by late arrivals.

There is an ample spectator balcony at KLV where you are welcome to observe the sessions. Alternatively there is a comfortable licensed lounge bar at the complex where you can relax whilst we put the squad through its paces.

If you wish to leave your child with us for the session we will of course give our utmost attention to their safety and ensure they remain with us in the building until you pick up. Please note that at 7pm when the indoor training concludes, there will be no transfer of coaching to the track.

We will send out flyers to all children this week but to clarify once more:

When? – 6pm Thursday evenings from 10 October

What? – Indoor athletics training

Who for ? – all under 11 and all under 13 athletes

Where? – Kettering Leisure Village main hall

What do I need to bring? – A child clothed in indoor sports kit (preferably KTH kit), with appropriate clean dry footwear, a drink and if used, a working inhaler (no spikes folks!)…and £2 please.

Assuring you of our best attention to your child’s athletic development and with kind regards


Richard Eady
KTH Children’s Coach and Fitness Instructor
10 September 2013

Ahead of this training if your contact details or the health of your child has changed in any way please ensure without delay that the club knows so that we can adapt training to suit and so that we can be confident of making immediate contact with you in an emergency. All personal details that you provide are managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.