Clkub records fall at 2nd vets meeting

On Wednesday 28th May the Veteran T & F team headed off to Leamington on a wet and rainy evening!

The Men's team were looking strong with additional vet 60 competitors, Dave Folgate and Ron Searle as well as first time participant Alan Rain and newcomer to the Veteran world, Graham Pratt who had just turned 35!

Dave equipped himself well with a busy evening, competing in the 200m, javelin, long jump and a victory in the triple jump. Ron Searle ran well with a blistering last lap to win the 3000m by over a minute and breaking the Club record in the process. Ron also ran a 400 leg of the relay.

In the Vet 50 Category Andy Phippen suffered a Calf injury while warming up and therefore was only able to compete in the discus. Peter Goringe found himself at the front of his 800m race from the 8th lane of his staggered start. Peter ran well in a good time but was sprinted down in the home straight to finish 3rd. Peter also competed in the 2K walk and relay.

In the vet 40 category Alan Rain competed in the 800m and 3000m. Team Manager Paul Marlow ran in the 200m before taking a nasty fall slipping in the rain in the High Jump. Unbeknown to Paul and despite being in pain he subsequently competed in the 2K walk, to a new Club record and a leg of the 400m relay, with a cracked rib, diagnosed the following day!

In the Vet 35 category Newcomer Graham Pratt competed in the javelin before being injured in the 200m. Terry Hatter competed well in the 800m, 3000m and shot as well as a 400m leg of the relay.

The men's team finished 4th out of 8 teams.

The ladies team finished in 6th position out of 8 teams and are still in need of a Vet 60 competitor to score some much needed points.

In the Vet 50 category Sandra Vaughan competed in the 2k walk, discus and a debut in the long jump. Kerry Munn had a busy evening competing in the 200m, 800m, 3000m and a 400m leg of the relay! All between the hours of 7pm and 9pm!

In the Vet 40 category Helen Keyworth competed well in the 200m, 800m and a 400 leg of the relay. Trudi Pike performed her best time for a couple of years in the 3000m and also was in the 400m relay team.

in the Vet 35 age group, Jill Tierney and Amanda Marlow competed down an age group (in denial of their Actual age!). Jill competed in the 200m and relay and also walked her way into the Club record books in the 2k walk for Vet 45 category! Amanda also gained a Club record in the Vet 45 triple jump and also competed in the high jump and 800m.

Another great fun evening for the Veterans despite the weather and injury! The next fixture is on 25th June in Rugby. Anyone keen to be involved should contact Paul or Amanda Marlow - particularly Ladies over 60!!