Elvis turns up at the KTH xmas eve run!!


Elvis. who was last seen in the Atlantis chip shop made a surprise appearance at the Kettering Town christmas eve run.  Prior to the run Elvis and his chums, Santa's little helpers and Rudolph tucked into sherry and mince pies before running an enjoyable 7 mile run in the snow covered bridleways around Kettering and Broughton.  The run was up the slippery slopes of the golf course hill along the tracks to Broughton - this was enjoyed by all apart from Joe 'Rudolph the reindeer' Giammalva who jumped a mile every time he heard the bird scaring automated guns going off in the fields - the run ended with an effort along the slippery pathways back to Martyn's house for more tea and tiffin (Elvis made his excuses and left the building).