Emily shines at watford

 Emily Williams followed up with her excellent debut 1500m at watford 2 weeks ago with an impressive 800m again held at the highly competitive Watford open graded meetings held throuout the summer. On this occasion it was a last chance for her to improve on her 800m time before her summer break and she did not disappoint, with an excellent paced race to finish 5th in her heat with almost a 3 second improvement to record a new liftime best of 2:30.80 which ranks her 73 in the UK. 11 year old Emily still has another full year in the age group so next season she will be eyeing up the outstanding club record of 2:21.5 set by Sophie Munn in 2005! Also in action for the first time over 800m was Claudia Nevett who unfortunately found herslf in a super fast race and she struggled to maintain the pace set on the first lap, but finished in a respectable 2:33.33

Well done to both athletes