EVAC Round 2 Match Report

The second of the Veterans League matches took place at Stevenage without three key athletes. Helen Keyworth, Peter Goringe and Men's team captain Paul Marlow were unable to take part and were sorely missed by their team colleagues.

New recruit (but experienced athlete) Andy Mills joined the Veterans Team and produced a club record winning throw in the discus on his veteran debut! Andy Phippen new to the Vet 50 category had a busy evening planned with a first place and another club record in the 400m hurdles a second place in the javelin but unfortunately pulled his hamstring in the 200m sprint. Andy was unable to compete further in his planned triple jump nor the 4 x 400m relay. Sad for Andy Phippen but another Andy, Andy Keyworth stepped into his shoes in the 400m relay.

Andy Keyworth also enjoyed two second places in his triple jump and javelin, missing out on victory by 5 cm!

Yet another Andy, this time Clawson ran in the competitive 800m and 3000m before his leg of the 400m relay.

Paul Young in the Vet 50 category also ran well in the 800m and 3000m.

Rob Britten (aka Bob on the results) took part in the 200m and the 1 mile walk, as well as a leg of the 400m relay.

Team Captain Amanda Marlow had a quiet evening with a second in the javelin, a leg of the 400m relay and also managed to go head first into the sand while trying to do the triple jump!!

Jill Tierney reminded everyone of her capabilities with a second place in the 1 mile walk and also in the 400m hurdles and 200m before her leg of the 400m relay. Alison ran well in the 3000m and kindly did the 800m instead of Amanda, as well as doing the discus and a leg of the 400m relay! An awesome effort in one night!

In the Vet 50 category Sandra Vaughan got two third places in the discus and javelin. In the absence of Helen, Kathy Coleman ran the 400m hurdles to second place as well as getting a second place in the 1 mile walk and a third in the 200m.

Ever reliable Kerry Munn got two second places in the 800m and 3000m as well as a strong finishing 400m leg of the relay.

Sue Robinson, Vet 55 category, gained useful points in the discus and javelin with pb's set to be improved upon in later events!

Well done to everyone for making the journey and competing, the next fixture is our home match on Wednesday 3rd July, we are looking forward to hosting an event again and showing them how it should be done !! If anyone has any friends or family that could help out with set up or officiating some of the events please let me know.

Amanda (AKA Sandy Pit)