Jack Hope Selected for AASE Programme

Jack Hope from the KTH Middle Distance Squad has been selected to attend the prestigious Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) a sports performance programme giving him the opportunity to gain further qualifications while continuing to develop as an athlete.
Jack will attend up to nine days throughout 2015, which will be held at Loughborough Sports College. Personal coach (Shane Smith) will also be invited to attend relevant sessions with their athlete and contribute where appropriate to their athlete’s programme.
Workshops will cover topics such as nutrition and performance, sports psychology, lifestyle, communication and media, 100% Me, social media and career planning. Practical elements will include workshops in strength and conditioning and fitness testing as well as physiotherapy input and support.
During the year, athletes will develop a range of skills that will assist them to develop as an elite athletes and progress to further education or to gain employment in a related field.
Development funding is available to athletes who complete the programme to assist with expenditure and transport costs, paid on completion of the award. Personal coaches who engage with the programme are also invited to apply for development funding to assist with their professional development.
To be selected for the programme, athletes must be placed within the top 15 in their event in the UK 2014 Power of 10 rankings (Jack was ranked 7th in the UK for 1500 steeplechase)
Previous world class athletes who have graduated from the AASE programme include Tom Daley, Rebecca Adlington, and 2014 new 400m sensation Matthew Hudson-Smith
The first induction meeting is on Sunday 25th January, and we hope Jack will gain significant help in progressing his athletics career.

Congratulations & Good Luck!