Starting first and second, Karen Evans and Karen Day both made such a massive improvement on their previous times that they stayed at the head of the field in the second round of the Kettering Town Harriers Handicap series.


The pair improved by nearly five and four minutes respectively over the 5K course around the Leisure Village and this was enough to give Karen Evans a 30 second advantage at the end of the race. Karen Day was ten seconds ahead of the first male finisher, Matt Peleszok, whose training for the London Marathon helped to log an impressive 20:22.

First-timers Simon Ruegg and Haley Hunter filled the next two places, followed by Ian Walford, who recorded a big personal best and moved to the top of the points table, alongside Amanda Marlow.

On a still night when over half the field ran their best-ever times, David Green destroyed his own course record with an excellent 15:54. Roz Giles was fastest female with a time of 21:35.