Midland Vets League Final - Win for KTH!

 On 31st August the Veterans Track and Field team headed to Nottingham for the ‘B’ finals.  The team were optimistic as in previous years the Team were lacking in the over 60 and over 70 category.  Thanks to the Jogging group new recruits were “persuaded” to take part.   A full team was available and only one injured and unable to attend -not bad when considering the Veterans advancing years!!


This year there were 10 teams in the B finals rather than the normal 8 teams.  Some of the clubs were unknown quantities and although optimistic with the numbers and ages of athletes competing other clubs similarly had strong teams.


Kettering were fantastic on the day.  The team spirit and cheers of encouragement to those competing was very special.  It was an awesome day.   


It was a long day with the athletes meeting at 8.00am and the final events taking place on 5.30pm.  the Team waited with excited anticipation for the results.  Throughout the day there had been regular updates and at all times, the combined team totals were that Kettering were 2nd to Nottingham AC.    There are three awards made on the day – the first Mens team, the first Ladies team and a Cup for the overall combined team.


The results could not have been closer.  The Mens Team finished in 2nd place by only 6 points behind Notts AC.  The Ladies Team finished in 2nd place by 19 points behind Harborough AC with Notts AC in 3rd.   Loud cheering then commenced when Kettering were announced as the overall combined winners by 6 points, the narrowest of margins.  This illustrates to all concerned the importance of “every point counts”.  The team only missed three events on the day as they had no athletes to cover, 3000m M60 (due to injury) and W60 high jump and long jump.  Every other event was covered.


On the Mens team Steve Sinnott had his normal busy day competing in the pole vault, 100m and long jump all at the same time - running from one event to another.  Steve gained a pb and new club record in the long jump in 5.10m for 2nd, came 2nd in the triple jump 10.18,  won the 100m with a dip on the line, and finished 3rd in the 200m in 26.78 and pole vault 2.40 and also ran in the relay - see below comments on relays.


Dave Folgate (m60) also had a busy day gaining a new club record in the pole vault 1.90 and also ran well in the 200m in 32.78.  Dave also carried on competing despite a head wound when the pole hit him on the head!  He finished 2nd in the high jump with 1.30, missing out on the victory on count back.  Dave also won the triple jump with 9.48.


Pete Mills (m40) ran well in his 200m hurdles in 31.84 but his legs were slightly heavy for his high jump immediately thereafter finishing 3rd in 1.60m.  Pete also competed in the discus with a throw of 23.69.  Andy Clawson (M50) ran well in both the 800m 2.29.06 and 1500m 5.16.32 finishing 3rd in both events.  Tony James finished 2nd in his 800m in 2.14.51.


Matthew Watson (m40) ran well in his 100m in 14.29 and “minced” well in the 2k walk in 17.04.6.  Ross Brown returned to The team (having already run his Parkrun 5k in the morning) and competed in the 3000m in 11.16.94, 1500m in 5.33.99 as well as competing in both relays.  Chris Johnson (M35) finished 3rd in his 100m in 12.91 and 400m 61.04 and was also in both relay teams.  Trevor Herring (M60 also had a busy day competing in the 100m in 16.96 and 400m 1.39.15 both for 4th,  walked the 2k walk in 16.24.45, threw a discus to 15.57 and also threw a shot, although an over-officious official did not give a valid throw!


Matthew Bell won the M35 Hammer with relative ease in 39.09 and also finished competed in the shot 7.77.  Mike Herring (M70) competed in all events in his age category with his best result in the shot for 2nd with 6.38 in a new pb.  Mike also finished 3rd in the long jump with 2.51 and 4th in the 200m in 44.57.  Richard Coleman still nursing a hernia, competed in the M50 Hammer with 15.59 and Javelin with 24.65.


The Mens relays were phenomenal - there are no other words!!  The 4 x 100m team of Steve Sinnott, Matthew Watson, Ross Brown and Chris Johnson finished 1st with a storming last leg by Chris Johnson to finish in 1st place in 51.13 and gained a new club record.

In the 4 x 400m the team of Ross Brown , Chris Johnson, Andy Clawson and Tony James also finished in 1st place in 4.15.21 after Charnwood were disqualified. 


On the Ladies team many of those competing had busy days and everyone took part in at least 3 events on the day.  


Elaine Fairbrother took part in the 200m hurdles in 41.49, 3000m in 13.46.44,  high jump 1.10 and her best result was when she leapt to 1st place in a new pb in the triple jump in 7.08.  Elaine also took part in both relays, see comments below.  Kathy Coleman ran well in the 100m (W50) in 17.07, walked well in the 2k walk in 14.02.80, threw well in the hammer 16.76 and jumped to a new pb in the triple jump for 2nd with 6.46 as well as long jump with 2.89, as well as the 100m relay.


Lorna Barlow, throws specialist won the W50 hammer with 26.77 and also competed well in the javelin 12.68 and shot 5.06.  Barbara Poncia tried her legs for the first time in the long jump with 2.47m and also ran the 3000m (W50) in 13.58.85 and 400m in 1.30.86 and also ran another 400m in the relay.  Paula Sinnott competed in the 800m in 3.32.24, 1500m in 7.26.98 and also ran in both the 100m and 400m relays.


Wilika Carr, specialist sprinter made a welcome return to the team following a lengthy lay-off this season from injury.  Wilika came 2nd in both the 100m in 14.83 and 200m in 30.77 as well as being involved in the 100m relay team.  Alison Moxey who had worked in the morning, arrived in time for her 400m in 1.33.43 and in her new found race-walking ability competed in the 2k walk in a new pb of 13.52.42 and found herself overtaking people in the last few laps.  Alison also ran a great 400m leg of the relay with a determined push in the final home straight.


The new additions of Christine Henshaw (W60) and the ever-youthful Jayne Devlin (W70) had a great day and took part in a lot of events for much needed points.  Christine ran in the W60 100m in 30.95 and also the 200m in 1.10.39 and thoroughly enjoyed her shot putt for 2nd place with 4.43.  Jayne ran down an age group in the W60 races of 1500m in 9.35.83 and 800m in 4.42.79.  She also ran in the W70 100m in 24.83 and the shot putt in 4.16 and also competed in the W60 discus with 9.22.


The Ladies relay teams finished in 3rd in the 4 x 100m relay team of Kathy, Elaine, Paula and Wilika in 1.06.35.  The 4 x 400m team of Babs, Paula, Elaine and Alison finished with a fabulous 2nd place in 6.05.84 with some great performances and determination.


All in all, the team enjoyed a fantastic day with the “icing on the cake” winning the B final ahead of 9 other teams, some much larger than Kettering.


Special thanks to those who assisted with officiating and to Ant Poncia timekeeping for the day.


Team manager – Amanda Marlow