NAA T&F Championships 2012 - Please Read


This message is being sent to all those who entered the 2012 Northants AA T&F Chmps at Corby in May.


For the convenience especially of athletes and also the organisers, online entries were used for this years event.However the Northants AA has still not received the online entry fees from the online event organiser which uses the name of 'EVENTELEPHANT' As a result the Northants AA is currently running at a deficit of over £1000 for the current year.

This situation has arisen due to the abnormally high number of chargebacks made by persons who used the system.At present it is 16 who are querrying the credit/debit card transactions. Due to the data protection act the companies involved will not give us the names etc of those querrying the transactions. I am therefore asking those involved that if you are querrying the payment because of the unusual name of Eventelephant' is is an genuine business, therefore please can you let the payment be made.

If these 16 persons continue to querry the transaction, then for the 2013 event we have discussed not having online entries and may have to revert to only 'paper entries' Online entries were done to make it easier for athletes to enter the events , but it works both ways and the Northants AA still has bills to pay.



Graham Curtis
Northants AA Treasurer