Northants 5k and London Marathon

Northants 5k Race Series

KTH 2k and 5k Squad


This weekend saw the first race of the 2017 Northants 5k Race Series. The race took part alongside a 2 km Fun Run (for 8 to 11 year old) at Irchester Country Park and a number of KTH athletes took part in the events with fantastic times being posted on the day.
The 5k series consists of 4 multi-terrain races over the summer months at popular Northamptonshire parks. Some of the KTH athletes have committed to complete all 4 of the races so the excellent results from this Sunday give a good indication of further things to come! KTH took the 1st team place, finished 1st place in the 2k Fun Run and a brilliant 7th, 8th and 9th place in the Ladies 5k results! Well done to all.

KTH results from the two races are as follows:

2k Fun Run – 19 Finishers

Ayrton Rice 10:41 1st Overall
William Owen 11:59 10th Overall
Ella Fairbrother 12:13 11th Overall
Ellie Warboys 13:00 13th Overall

5k Race – 231 Finishers Overall

Ross Brown 18:46 10th Overall
Steve Sinnott 20:29 21st Overall
Vince Gaziano 20:52 25th Overall
Ian Hearne 21:22 31st Overall
Trudi Pike 22:23 7th Lady 43rd Overall
Elaine Fairbrother 22:38 8th Lady 47th Overall
Rob Britten 23:09 54th Overall
Gabriella Ventura 23:31 9th Lady 58th Overall
Eddie Murphy 23:44 61st Overall
Paula Sinnott 27:55 29th Lady 101st Overall

Full results from the 5k race are available at

London Marathon

Brothers Steve and Paul Thompson

This weekend also saw 10 KTH athletes take part in the London Marathon alongside Olympians, World Champions, celebrities, Guinness World Record holders, 1000s of charity fundraisers and some very interesting and entertaining fancy dress runners. The first KTH finisher was Paul Thompson who has completed the race on a number of occasions with a very consistent finishing time around 2:30 hours. This year Paul finished in 2:31:45 which is impressively just 2 seconds different from his time of 2:31:47 which he achieved 10 years ago in 2007! Paul’s goal is to “slow the ageing process by staying as fast as possible for as long as possible”, I think we can safely say that Paul is successfully achieving that goal.
9 of the 10 KTH athletes already had marathons under their belt but for Karen Albery this was her first time over the 26.2 mile distance. Karen put in a fantastic performance to finish in 4:07:08 and I’m sure we’ll see Karen at another marathon in the not-too-distant future chasing the 4 hour milestone. Well done Karen!
For those who are interested in completing the 2018 London Marathon KTH is allocated 2 places each year as an affiliated athletics club. These places are offered to club members in a ballot each December so look out for notices if you fancy stepping up to the marathon distance.

Full KTH results from the race are:

Paul Thompson 2:31:45
Matt Fowler 2:48:03
Ady King 2:55:42
Peter Oom 2:57:56
Phil West 3:02:16
Tom Shepherd 3:08:24
Steve Thompson 3:08:37
Kerry Munn 3:34:46
Kemal Mehmet 3:35:14
Karen Albery 4:07:08