Policy & Procedure Update - Covid-19 @ 4 Feb

We have updated our Club Policies in line with the latest guidelines & wider considerations and context as follows:

‘Lockdown 3’ Rules & Guidelines

Club Closure & Track Use

The Club and track are closed as instructed by Kettering Borough Council (5 Jan 21) and therefore not accessible to either members or non-members. The gate codes have been changed and CCTV is in operation.

Athletic Activity

EA guidance regarding athletic activity (8 Jan 21), is that until further notice:

  • All face-to-face indoor and outdoor club / group activity is suspended.
  • Face-to-face club / group training sessions, events, athlete camps, running groups or other social events as well as club committee or other meetings are suspended (virtual sessions and meetings with qualified coaches, within government guidelines are fine).
  • Individuals can exercise outside of their home in a public outdoor space, limited to once per day and not involving travel outside their local area, as follows:
    • By themselves
    • With people they live with
    • With their support bubble (if legally permitted to form one)
    • Or, when on their own, with one person from another household
  • 1:1 coaching for over 18s is permitted
  • 1:1 coaching for under 18’s permitted only if a parent or career can supervise safety from a distance and in a way that does not contravene UK Government guidelines for leaving the home.

Sport England guidance (8 Jan 21) states that:

  • 1:1 sessions must take place in a public outdoor space, as long as social distancing is maintained. Sessions can’t take place in private gardens.
  • 1:1 coaching can take place multiple times in one day. Social distancing must always be maintained, clients shouldn’t overlap with one another and equipment should be sanitized between athletes.
  • Any sessions can only include one coach with one individual, and so cannot take place with multiple people from one household

We appreciate your patience in respecting the current position.


KTH Committee

8 January 2021


Additional Considerations & Context

Which Rules & Guidelines: The Club and all its members are affiliated to England Athletics (EA) who are our National Governing Body (NGB). It is England Athletics and wider government guidelines that we follow.

Group sizes: Whatever the group sizes, they should remain distinct (separate), otherwise, groups of 2 become 4, 6 become 12, 12 become 24 etc which is immediately noticeable as a breach of guidelines & easily commented upon. It also makes social distancing more difficult.

Covid & Non-Covid Secure: Group sizes can be smaller or larger depending on whether the environment is “Covid secure”. KTH’s working assumption is “on-track” Covid secure, “off-track” Non-Covid secure. Off track areas can be Covid secure but would require a risk assessment and action plan with (amongst other things), an indication of how segregation is achieved between the activity taking place and the general population, as well as communication with all participants and local stakeholders.

Private sessions: Whilst sessions can be private, it needs to be recognised that private sessions are invariably led by KTH coaches predominantly for KTH athletes. England Athletics and wider government guidelines are universal and applicable to all.