Road Runners in action at Banbury 15 Miler

Twelve Road Runners took part in the Banbury 15 miler on Sunday 22nd March in preparation for Spring marathons or ultra events. Advertised as hilly and challenging it was not for the faint hearted!!

A gorgeous sunny day running in lovely rural countryside took place with some fantastic performances and many personal bests (even for the slower runners!)

The first four men in scored for the team places and took second place with Matt Fowler (5th), Ady King (13th), Phil West (19th) and Kemel Mehmet (30th) the scorers. Other club members taking part were Graham Pratt, Stephen Geary and Paul Marlow.

On the Ladies Team the first three to score for the team were Kerry Munn (11th), Trudi Pike (14th) and Lauren Mehmet (29th). The ladies finished in fourth team position. Other ladies taking part were Yvonne Mehmet and Amanda Marlow.

results are on the link

In a different location - Reading Half marathon - Steve and Wendy Duke both ran their way to personal bests on the fast course known to produce good times.

A good day out for the Harriers on Tour!!