RunTogether group launches in Jan 2017

On the 10th January the popular KTH beginners groups will re-launch under the new England Athletics RunTogether brand. The brand has been developed by England Athletics to help people find running groups that suit them and help group leaders manage their sessions.

KTH will be starting a 10 week beginners programme on the 10th January for those who are interested in running but need help, guidance, encouragement and great social support provided by running as part of a group. The group will meet at the KTH clubhouse at 17:45 each Tuesday and Thursday over the 10 week programme with each session costing £2. Bookings can be made via the RunTogether website and discounts are available for bulk bookings (5 or more sessions).

Details of the new RunTogether group can be found on the new website at: 

or on Facebook: