Vet Ladies take the prize in stoke

On Sunday 31st August the Veteran Track and Field Team headed to Stoke for the B Finals.

With a few absences due to holiday and injury both the Mens and Ladies Teams each had only five competitors. This resulted in all athletes competing in as many events as possible to gain much needed points.

The Ladies team performed brilliantly and won the B Final! The Mens Team finished in 4th place but in the combined event Kettering finished 3rd overall.

Spedial mention to Kerry Munn (v50) who competed in a Decathlon of events (10 in total). All athletes competed in many extra events in addition to their 'normal' events.

Victories on the day went to Jill Tierney V40 100m and 2k walk, Kerry Munn V50 200m and Amanda Marlow V35 long jump and V40 Shot. There were also victories to the ladies in both the 4 x 100m relay (Jill, Kerry, Trudi Pike and Amanda) and 4 x 400m relay (Dahlia Kasperski, Trudi, Kerry and Amanda). In the Mens Team Peter Goringe came 1st in the 2k walk.

Other results in the Ladies team were as follows:-

Trudi Pike (V40) 2nd in 800m and 3000m
Kerry Munn 2nd in 100m, 800m, high jump and shot and 3rd in 1500m, javelin and discus.
Jill Tierney 2nd in 200m
Dahlia Kasperski (V35) 2nd in 400m and 3rd in 1500m
Amanda Marlow (V35) 2nd in triple jump, 3rd in high jump and 5th in hammer.

The Mens Team were without V60 multi events athlete, Dave Folgate and therefore no points were gained in that age category which was a huge loss to the Team. Andy Phippen was unable to participate in the individual sprint events to protect a slightly niggling hamstring. Everyone however rallied round to cover as much as they could in the timetable.

The Mens results were as follows:-

Andy Phippen (V50) 3rd in high jump and javelin, 4th in discus, 5th in shot and 6th in hammer. Andy also ran a Leg of the 4x 100m relay
Andy Clawson (V40) came 3rd in 3000m and 4th in 400m and also took part in both 4x100 and 4x400m relay.
Peter Goringe 5th in 800m (V35) and 400m (V40)and also ran in both 4x100 and 4x400m relays.
Graham Pratt (V35) came 4th in discus, 5th in long jump and 5th in 200m in a club record time of 27.6. Graham was also in both relay teams
Paul Young (V50) 5th 3000m and also ran in the 4x400m relay.

This year has been a very successful season for the Veterans Teams with many gaining numerous personal bests and with a total of 16 club records having been broken. The total list of broken records are as follows

Jill Tierney - Vet 45 - 2k walk
Amanda Marlow - Vet 45 - long jump, triple jump and hammer
Kerry Munn - Vet 50 - 3000m
Andy Phippen - Vet 50 - 100m, 200m, high jump and triple jump
Graham Pratt - Vet 35 - 200m
Dave Folgate - Vet 60 - High jump, Pole vault, javelin, long jump and triple jump
Ron Searle - Vet 60 - 3000m
Terry Hatter - Vet 35 - 400m
Paul Marlow - Vet 45 - 2k walk
Peter Goringe - Vet 50 - 400m
4 x 100 Vet 45 Ladies record (team Helen Keyworth, Jill, Amanda and Kerry)

Well done to the Veterans Team. Keep safe and fit for next season!!

Amanda Marlow, Team Captain

Picture below of our Champion Ladies (l-r) Dahlia, Amanda, Trudi, Kerry, Jill