Weedon 10 km Race Report

Wow! What a scorcher! Even though kick off was at 19.45, this was one hot race. Needless to say, the race reporter was not troubled by people claiming PBs. A big thanks to everyone who turned out in very difficult conditions. To add to the difficulty, this is officially the hilliest course of the series. At least the near vertical climb in kilometre 5 was in the coolness of the trees. More consolation came with the always excellent quality and quantity of cakes served at the presentation.

17 Harriers were in attendance. The one debutant for 2018 this week, adding to the mix of youth and experience, was Paul Marlow (you can work out for yourself which Paul!). Welcome Paul and look forward to seeing you at the final two races.

Jack Chennell was first Harrier home making it six out of six and 9th Senior Male on the night. Following on Jack’s heels was Matt Fowler who was 3rd M40 continuing his consistency. Phil West was first M45 putting him top in the category for the first time this campaign. Phil Brigden (8th M40) and Ross Brown (10th M40) completed that Male vets who were 2nd on the night. Other top ten performances were: Kerry Munn (2nd F55), Nicola Speed (4th F50), Elaine Fairbrother (5th F40) and Yvonne Mehmet (6th F45). Elaine, Kerry and Nicola completed the Female Vets finishing an impressive 2nd.

All results as follows: Jack Chennell 36:52, Matt Fowler 36:59, Phil West 38:29, Phil Brigden 39:16, Ross Brown 39:30, Tom Shepherd 39:58, Sean Gallagher 43:23, Matthew Spearman 44:11, Elaine Fairbrother 46:23, Kerry Munn 47:19, Vince Galiano 48:01, Nicola Speed 50:20, Steve Cheater 50:20 Yvonne Mehmet 51:07, Eddie Murphy 51:55, Paul Marlow 53:37, Lauren Mehmet FS 68:35.

Series standings for those who have run three races or more are as follows:
Elaine Fairbrother 6th F40
Nicola Speed 11th F50
Kerry Munn 1st F55
Jack Chennell 2nd SM
Martin Allinson 17th SM
Sean Gallagher 18th SM
Matthew Spearman 40th SM
Matt Fowler 1st M40
Phil Brigden 4th M40
Ross Brown 6th M40
Tom Shepherd 20th M40
Phil West 1st M45
Vince Galiano 27th M50
Rob Britten 29th M50
Eddie Murphy 12th M55
Simon Rowe 21st M55

Market Harborough is Tuesday 3rd July. There is the small matter of a football match that evening so any absences will be viewed with suspicion!