Awards at Presentation Evening

Kettering Town Harriers Presentation Evening

On the 27th November it was Kettering Town Harriers annual presentation evening held at The Corn Market Hall, Kettering. There were awards given out for the cross country season of 2008 – 2009, KTH 5km Handicap road races and for the 2009 track and field season. We were grateful to Philip Hollobone MP for presenting the awards.

There were a number of athletes who have competed well for the Harriers over the course of the season; there have been injuries, sweat and tears, Season’s bests, Personal bests, Club records and a handful of athletes competing in English schools too.

The awards for the Cross Country Season 2008 – 2009 are as follows:
LEWIN CUP (senior man champion) – Terry Toseland
WRIGHT CUP (highest placed in County cross country championships) – Josh Cara, Hayley Munn, Jonathan Goringe and Terry Toseland
IRONMONGER CUP (most improved senior or veteran male) – Alan Rain
BOYFIELD CUP (Best overall female) – Vanessa Rollins
YOUTH SHIELD (Best overall youth) – Jake Waples
HEIGHTON CUP (best overall U13 female) – Abby Coleman
STUART TROPHY (best overall U13 male) – Liam Kirk
KTH CUPS (Best U17 male and female members) – Jake Waples and Danielle Smith
FOSTER CUP (most improved U15 male)– Liam Smith
BOSWORTH CUP (most improved U15 female) – Charlotte Knight
ANONYMOUS CUP (best overall U15 female) – Charlotte Knight
REG CLAYPOLE CUP (most improved U13 female) – Abby Coleman
BARTON CUP (best U11 male and female) – Josh Cara and Maisey Green
THURSTON CUP (best overall senior female) – Rebecca Hall
VETERANS SHIELD (best overall veteran female) – Debra Galletta
KTH CROSS COUNTRY SHIELDS (best overall U20 female and male) – Vanessa Rollins and Jonathan Goringe

The awards for the KTH 5km handicap road races are as follows:
The fastest male 5km handicap road race runner - Jonathan Goringe
The fastest female 5km handicap road race runner – Marnie Fedorowycz
Best overall 5km handicap road race winner male or female – Roz Giles

The awards for the Track and Field season 2009 are as follows:
UKA YOUNG ATHLETES AWARDS (for most points scored in the league)
U13 Male – Josh Cara U13 Female – Daisy Gilbert
U15 Male – Thomas Carvell U15 Female – Niamh Bailey
U17 Male – Daniel Thompson U17 Female – Beth Horsley

MIDLAND LEAGUE AWARDS (for most points scored in the league)
U17 Male – Jake Waples U17 Female – Sophie Munn
U20 Male – Jamie Dean U20 Female – Hayley Munn
Senior Male – Pete Mills Senior Female – Gemma Elliott

MERVYN CUP (Most points scored in UKA and Midland leagues female) – Beth Horsley
HALL CUP (Most points scored in UKA and Midland leagues male) – Daniel Thompson

UNDER 11 AWARDS (For attendance, training and club representation)
U11 MALE – Joe O’Toole
U11 FEMALE – Freya Marlow

UNDER 11 CUPS (best overall performances in county, chairman’s cup & multi events)
U11 MALE – Ethan Mehmet
U11 FEMALE – Tabatha Walford

FANCOURT SPRINTS SHIELD (best overall sprint performance by a female) – Niamh Bailey
ALLEN SPRINT SHIELD (best overall sprint performance by a male) – Alex Smith
FOSTER SHIELD (fastest 800m runner by U15 male) – Edward Cherry
KTH SHIELD (fastest 800m runner by U15 female) – Lucy Tolton
BRIAN SMITH SHIELDS (fastest 1500m runner by an U15 male and female)
Male – Josh Cara Female – Gina Dia- Santana

BAKERS CUP (best overall performances and points scored by a junior or senior athlete) – Jamie Dean
DAWSON CUP (most outstanding performance of the season) – Niamh Bailey
LANGLEY PERKIS TROPHY (most improved athlete) – Daisy Gilbert
EVANS CUP (most improved athlete in a track event) – David Edwards
DEREK WRIGHT SHIELD (best performances in a field event) – Daisy Gilbert
KTH THROWS SHIELD (most improved athlete in more than one field event) – Nick McCullough
KTH JUMPS SHIELD (most improved athlete in more than one jumping event) – Jamie Dean
TEAM MANAGERS TROPHY (awarded by midland team managers)
Male – Jamie Dean Female – Gemma Elliott

KTH TRACK CUP’S (awarded by UKA team manager to the best UKA male and female U17 club member for 100% attendance, behavior and points scored)
Male – Tayler Stapleton Female – Sharnie Love

ERIC HODSON MEMORIAL TROPHY (best performance by a senior or veteran female) – Gemma Elliott
COLIN FAIREY CUP (best overall performances by a veteran male) – Andy Mills
MABEL BOYFIELD MEMORIAL TROPHY (most overall points scored by a veteran female) – Yvonne Elliott
ROY EDWARDS MEMORIAL PLATE (an athlete for commitment to road and cross country) – Jonathan Goringe

KTH ROAD RACE SHIELDS (best overall senior or veteran road runner)
Male – Phil West Female – Amanda Marlow

Male – Jake Waples Female – Sophie Munn


Well done to all those who have competed for Kettering Town Harriers over the course of the season and for all those who won an award.

A massive Thank you goes out to all those who have volunteered in helping out when Kettering Town Harriers host an event, without any volunteers the club would not be able to host any events. Finally a special thank you goes out to Kally Graham who put all the awards together.

Report by Dan Thompson