Fantastic Frankfurters and Squeaky Bones

This weekend saw KTH road runners and running group leaders competing in two very different events 500 miles apart.

8 members took part in the annual Squeaky Bones hosted by Olney Runners AC. They were split into two teams, the Kettering Town Houndiers and Kettering Town Harrihounds!

Squeaky Bone Relay

The race is a 3.5 mile lap with each runner completing 1 lap handing over the squeaky bone baton at each change-over in a quirky adaptation to the traditional metal baton. The race was first held in 2010 with 15 teams and it's believed that 2016 is the first time that KTH have fielded teams in the event.

Both teams performed extremely well finishing in 17th and 22nd place out of a total of 94 teams. Despite being in the picture and capable of running at 40 mph Chaz the Saluki was not eligible to take part! Showing her dedication to competing and having fun was KTH running group leader Trudi Pike, the Squeaky Bone relay being her 3rd day of running after The Skeleton Run on Friday evening and Kettering parkrun, also in Halloween fancy dress, on Saturday morning. Hopefully Trudi has now put her feet up for a few days to take a well earned break.

Kettering Town Houndiers - 17th 1:42:55
Trudi Pike
Karen Albery
Sean Gallagher
Steve Sinnott

Kettering Town Harrihounds - 22nd 1:48:55
Rob Britten
Ian Hearne
Gabriella Ventura
Paul Young

Across the North Sea 3 KTH members took part in the Frankfurt Marathon picking up two PBs in the process. In preparation for the marathon our athletes took a few days in Frankfurt to take in the scenery and atmosphere including the 5k community race on Saturday called the Pretzel Run complete with a pretzel shaped medal!

Kerry Munn achieved a fantastic new PB of 3:13:38 putting her 6th place for the 2016 V55 marathon rankings. Kemal Mehmet's run of 3:12:48 was a few minutes over his PB but still an impressive time and showed fitness which will be of great benefit as we move into the cross country season. Ross Brown's time of 3:40:47 continues his success from The recent Great Eastern Half Marathon and hopefully proves that his knee injury is nothing more than a niggle.

Frankfurt Marathon: Ross Brown, Kerry Munn, Kemal Mehmet

Kemal Mehmet 3:12:48
Kerry Munn 3:13:38 (PB)
Ross Brown 3:40:47 (PB)

Well done to all for wearing your red and white vests with pride.