Harborough 5 Race Report

A 19.45 start on the evening of the England football team’s second round match against Colombia meant a slightly depleted team of 12 from Harriers. The total race numbers were slightly down but not significantly at 265. For those of you who decided to stay at home and watch the match, you missed a great evening where The Harriers exceled again.

Debutants for 2018 this week were Samantha Brockway and Ian Hearne. Better late than never Sam and Ian.

Jack Chennell was first Harrier home making it seven out of seven and 8th Senior Male on the night. Jack can make it a full house at Milton Keynes. Matt Fowler, however, might have something to say about that and has ran Jack close on a few occasions. Matt was 3rd M40 again (seems to be Matt’s favourite number this year). There will be pressure on Matt to secure top M40 at MK. Phil West was second M45 leaving him top in the category with all to play for at MK. Phil Brigden was 6th M40 and this keeps him in the top three in his group. Ross Brown continued his improved campaign with 8th M40. Tom Shepherd had another top ten (8th M40). Kerry Munn (1st F55) made it 6 wins out of 7 meaning Kerry is the only Harriers guaranteed to win her group next week. Nicola Speed (2th F50) stays in the top 3. The other top ten finish on the night was Samantha Brockway who came a respectable 7th F45.

It was a great night for Harriers men who were 1st vets and 2nd seniors. The vets championship is now secure. The women were 4th vets and 7th seniors.

All results as follows: Jack Chennell 28:33, Matt Fowler 28:49, Phil West 29:57, Phil Brigden 30:27, Ross Brown 30:38, Tom Shepherd 31:06, Matthew Spearman 33:20, Ian Hearne 34:40, Kerry Munn 35:41, Nicola Speed 39:05, Eddie Murphy 41:49, Samantha Brockway 42:09.

Kettering Town Harriers Series standings for those who have run four races or more are as follows:

Elaine Fairbrother 4th F40
Nicola Speed 3rd F50
Kerry Munn 1st F55
Jack Chennell 2nd SM
Matthew Spearman 18th SM
Martin Allinson 19th SM
Sean Gallagher 20th SM
Matt Fowler 1st M40
Phil Brigden 3rd M40
Ross Brown 5th M40
Tom Shepherd 7th M40
Phil West 1st M45
Eddie Murphy 13th M55

We could do with lots of support at MK on Tuesday 10th July. We are on the cusp of winning some individual series prizes and the teams are looking good too. No England. No excuse!