London Marathon Round-Up

Well done to all the Kettering Town Harriers who ran the London marathon last weekend.  With near ideal running conditions, all 5 runners managed to get around the course, posting some great times in doing so.  Unfortunately, Richard Campbell who was on course for a sub 3:10:00 time, was knocked over in the last kilometer by another runner who collapsed in front of him.  As a precautionary measure, Richard had to sit to one side for over 20 minutes while he was examined, and cleared to complete the race by the medical staff attending the race.  In finishing order the runners were;

Phil West 2:58:34, who finished 1139th and 243rd in category M40-44
Steve Green 3:05:51, who finished 1799th and 384th in category M40-44
Ron Searle 3:13:37, who finished 2553rd and 10th in category M60-64
Kerry Munn 3:34:05, who finished 5340th and 37th in category F50-54
Richard Campbell 3:46:06, who finished 6169th and 1264th in category M40-44

Click on the link below for a list of all the club members who have taken part in the London marathon over the last 10 years and their times.

Kettering Town Harriers London Marathon Role of Honour

Three more club places will hopefully be available next year to any mamber in Kettering Town Harriers who would like to compete in the London marathon 2014. To qualify, you need to meet the club requirements.

For more information about this, contact the Membership Secretary.