MK Marathon and EMGP Bling for KTH

The spring/summer season of road runs continued last weekend with another batch of races well attended by KTH athletes.

MK Half-Marathon and Marathon

The Milton Keynes Half-Marathon and Marathon races were significant milestones for a number of KTH athletes with 6 of the 13 completing the respective distance for the first time. A number of athletes who started their training with KTH in the 18:00 – 19:00 groups have clearly been busy putting in the miles at the weekend around Kettering, Grafham Water and Pitsford to build the necessary physical stamina and mental resilience required to compete the half-marathon distance. The grouping of results at 2:03 and 2:24 also show the fantastic team spirit and support the athletes are giving each other. Elaine Fairbrother was the first KTH athlete in the half-marathon race with a great new PB of 1:44:37, well done Elaine.

In the marathon distance race KTH had 3 personal bests and a superb 2:58:32 from Jack Chennell on his first attempt at the marathon distance. Up to the 15 mile point Jack was on course for a quicker time until stomach cramps slowed his pace. Achieving a sub 3 hr time on his first attempt shows the potential he has and bags him a good-for-age place for 2018 London Marathon.

Finally whilst his parents were out on the marathon and half-marathon course KTH athlete George Murphy accompanied his Nan around the Superhero Fun Run course, a real family outing for all!

Superhero Fun Run

George Murphy


Elaine Fairbrother 1:44:37 PB
Chris Owen 2:03:16 First Timer
Carl Webb 2:03:17
Sam Brockway 2:17:25 First Timer
Paula Sinnott 2:18:19 PB
Karen Hearne 2:24:38 First Timer
Rebecca Murphy 2:24:39 First Timer
Nicola McCann 2:24:40 First Timer


Jack Chennell 2:58:32 First Timer
Steve Duke 3:23:42 PB
Graham Pratt 3:52:03 PB
Ben Phillips 4:09:53 PB
Eddie Murphy 4:36:49

Full results from the races can be found at

EMGP Round 1 – Silverstone 10k

On Tuesday 2nd May the first round of the East Midlands Grand Prix took place at Silverstone race circuit. The series consists of 8 races in May and June, KTH have scored well in previous years in both the individual and team standings. This year’s Silverstone 10k also formed part of the Northants Road Running League (NRRL) and the Northamptonshire Athletics Association (NAA) Road Running County Championships. KTH got off to a good solid start and took home a number of County Championship Medals including three gold; KTH were also 5th placed Veterans Ladies Team which is excellent when you consider the size and strength of the 1200+ field.

Full KTH results are as follows;

Phil West – 37:00 – Bronze M45 County Medal
Ross Brown – 37:57 – Silver M40 County Medal – PB
Ron Searle – 40:10 1st Place M65 – Gold M65 County Medal – PB
Sean Gallagher – 41:56
Trudi Pike – 44:43 – 2nd Place F45 & Gold F45 County Medal
Vince Gaziano – 45:02
Maggie Mulholland 46:34 – 4th Place F50 & Gold V50 County Medal
Rob Britten 48:43 – Bronze M50 County Medal
Gabby Ventura – 49:01 – PB
Jackie King 51:11 – Bronze F50 County Medal

Well done to everybody for a great start to the series and for bringing home a bumper haul of County Championship medals.