Sprint Squad back in action!

5 athletes from the sprint squad travelled to Nuneaton on Wednesday to open up their delayed season in the Nuneaton Harriers Night Of 100m PB’s meeting. The title proved to be very apt as 4 of the athletes recorded person bests on the night.

U15 girls, Jasmine Anderson & Sonal Rathod, competed first with Jasmine winning the race in a PB Of 13.24 seconds, she was followed in by Sonal who finished 2nd in a personal best of 13.89 seconds. U15 boy, William Robertson, also won his race in a personal best of 12.89 seconds.

Jasmine Anderson (60) & Sonal Rathod (57) both set impressive new PB's

Jack Abbott, U20, struggled with a back injury in his race and finished 5th in his race in a time of 12.28 seconds. Closing the night for the Harriers was Logan Reid, U20. Running into a slight headwind, he finished 2nd in a personal best of 10.97 seconds.

All of he athlete’s performances were great season openers to what will be a short season due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

On Saturday, 25 of the sprint squad competed in the Kettering Open, held in Rugby, in partnership with Rugby & Northampton Athletics Club. They were challenged by headwinds of up to -5.6 but were up for the challenge, with 6 athletes recording personal bests.

Several athletes were competing in their debut races for the Harriers. The standout athletes in that situation were Ryan Amesimeku, Joshua Wenje, Samuel Aguilar, and Zane Cooper. Ryan, (U17 boy), won his 100m race in a time of 12.28 seconds. Finishing 2nd to him was Samuel, (U15 boy), in a time of 13.46 seconds. Zane, (U13 boy), recovery from a stumble during the same race to finish 4th in 15.19 seconds. Meanwhile, Joshua, (U17 boy), won his race in a time of 12.54 seconds.

Superb KTH debut for Ryan Amesimeku (32) winning both the 100m & 200m races

The strongest headwind on the day was experienced by U15 girl, Jasmine Anderson. Running to a wind of -5.6, she won her 100m race in a time of 13.62 seconds. The final 100m races on the day saw Max Mowforth, (U17 boy), win his race in 11.91 seconds, while Logan Reid (U20), fresh from setting a PB earlier in the week, finished 2nd to Rugby & Northampton’s Kyle Ennis, who has a PB of 10.37 seconds, in 11.52 seconds to Ennis’ 11.10 seconds.

The 200m races saw Ryan Amesimeku win his race to do the double. His time of 24.54 seconds into a headwind of -2.2 was outstanding for an athlete making his debut. Jasmine Anderson also did the double, winning her race in a personal best of 28.10 into a headwind of -2.8. Jack Abbott, U20, also won his race in a time of 26.25 seconds into a -4.9 headwind.

The final 200m race was a close race between U20 athletes, Joe Bradley and Lewis-Morgan Barton. They were up against not only a -1.3 wind, but also Kyle Ennis, who has a personal best of 20.33 seconds. They finished in 4th and 5th places respectively, in times of 23.80 seconds and 23.84 seconds behind Kyle Ennis, who won in 22.43 seconds.

Fine battle beween Lewis-Morgan Barton (87) & Joe Bradley in the 200m

Alex Beale, U20, competed in the 300m in her final race for the Harriers before going off to university. The blustery conditions saw her finish 4th in a respectable time of 43.95 seconds.

Veteran athletes, Wilika Carr and Chris Johnson, faired well in their races. Wilika finished 3rd in her 100m race in a time of 14.61 seconds. Chris battled the high winds in his 400m race to finish 4th in a time of 62.01 seconds.

Although facing a short season, all of the athletes had an enjoyable day on their return to competing.