Veterans League Report

The third Veterans Track and Field fixture took place at Rugby, with the hope that events from the previous fixture at Leicester was not repeated when "travellers" stole many of the members possessions and interfered with the competition.

Fortunately the evening went well and although there were a few missing regulars those present competed well.

The ladies team finished in 5th place and the men's team finished in 7th place losing a number of points due to the unavailability of Vet 60 Dave Folgate.

On the Men's Team Club records were gained by Peter Goringe (still recovery from injury) in the Vet 50 2k walk in a time of 12.17.8 and by Graham Pratt in the Vet 35 100m in a time of 14.00. Graham also ran well in the 400m and ran a 200m leg of the relay.

Richard Coleman had a busy evening competing in the V40 100m, 400m Vet 50 triple jump and his highest position of 2nd in the shot. He also ran a 400m leg in the relay.

Rob Britten ran well in the Vet 50 100m, Vet 40 1500m and also ran a 200m leg of the relay. Paul Marlow made a welcome return to the team having been unavailable for the previous two fixtures and had a hard run in the 1500m competing down two age groups with the Vet 35s! Paul also competed in the Vet 40 long jump and Vet 35 Discus and then ran the 800m leg of the relay!
Paul Young competed in the Vet 50 1500m.

On the Ladies Team Trudi Pike competed in the Vet 35 400m and 1500m. Kathy Coleman switched from the track (with Amanda Marlow) and took her debut in the hammer where she finished 4th and also ran a 200m leg of the relay. Amanda made a debut appearance as a veteran in the Vet 40 100m and finished in 4th. Amanda also competed in the vet 40 long jump for 3rd, discus and ran a 400m leg of the relay.

Jill Tierney competed well in her strongest event the 2k walk to finish in 3rd and also ran in the Vet 35 100m (which featured former GB athlete Ellena Ruddock!) and a 200m leg of the relay. Alison Moxey also made a welcome return to the team having missed the previous season due to injury and ran well in the 1500m and a Guest appearance in the discus. Sandra Vaughan made a guest appearance in the 2k walk and also competed in the vet 50 hammer for 4th.

Vet 50 Ultra athlete Kerry Munn had her usual busy evening competing in the 100m and 400m for 2nd and then ran the Vet 40 1500m for 3rd. To finalise the evening she ran the 800m leg of the relay!

The final league match is at Nuneaton on Wednesday 29th July. Any person over the age of 35 keen to take part should contact Amanda Marlow!

After the final league match the Veterans Finals take part in Worcester on 30 August. The Ladies Team are the defending champions of the 'B' Finals and therefore will be hoping for a strong repeat performance.